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Volk 9

You know the drill, buy a car, customize it and make it yours. Same holds true to every make and model and no matter the price tag. The top wheel for JDM and Euro enthusiasts is from Rays Engineering of Japan, the Volk Racing Wheel. Known for its 1 piece forged Volk TE37 wheels, Volk Racing has been a huge part of motorsports and racing for over a decade. Other wheels by Rays Engineering includes the Gram Lights and their own brand, Rays Wheels. No replicas here, Volk Racing is the originator of these wheels with the highest quality in production and finish. Others simply imitate their design.

Some of the popular wheels Volk Racing does are the TE37 series, the RE30, the VR.G2, and their new ZE40. Popular fitments designed for each car in mind including cars like the Mitsubishi EVO, Subaru STI, Nissan GTR, Nissan 370Z, BMW M3, Porsche 911, and even crazy fitments for the flush, stance world. Volks are very popular on show Civics, S2000's, and even have wheels for the Mercedes and Audi cars too.

No time like the present to customize your car with a new set of wheels and tires. And no place like Vivid Racing to get that done. Check out the wheel and tire section of our extensive online store here! If you are unsure of what your car needs, contact our sales department at 1-866-44-VIVID.

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